Sayed al-Safi praises the mentality and efficiency of the Iraqi doctor and calls for the development of his abilities to reach the level of medical services comparable to what exists in the developed countries of the world.

The Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; His Eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi has praised the mentality and efficiency of the Iraqi doctor and called at the same time to develop and refine the abilities, competences, skills and expertise of these doctors to keep pace with the development of the medical field and the services related to it and that are provided to the citizens.

This statement was during the meeting that he had with a delegation representing the Medical Syndicate of Karbala in al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital in the presence of its Director General; Dr. Haidar al-Bahadli. During the meeting, they have discussed and put forward a number of issues concerning the health aspect in Iraq in general and in the province of Karbala in particular. Sayed al-Safi has stressed on several aspects, the most of important of which are:

1 - Work on finding ways and mechanisms to develop the reality of medicine in Iraq and promote it.

2 - Upgrade the medical services provided to the Iraqi citizen and make every effort to do so.

3 - Strengthening the capabilities of Iraqi doctors and develop their skills and create the appropriate conditions for it.

4 - Benefit from the expertise of foreign doctors coming to hospitals in Iraq, including the al-Kafeel Specialist hospital, which opened its doors for this purpose.

5 - There are medical achievements of Iraqi doctors that exceeded the achievements of foreign doctors, especially in the areas of surgery and operations in various specialities, which should be highlighted

6 - Focus on nursing staff and work to develop their skills and abilities, which will be reflected positively on the services provided to citizens.

  1. The necessity of activating the role of the Iraqi Medical Syndicate and supporting it to carry out the duties entrusted to it.

8 - Provide the requirements to develop the abilities of doctors to reach the level of medical services comparable to what exists in developed countries of the world.

9 - Make the humanitarian side parallel to the medical and therapeutic work of medical staff.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the Karbala Medical Syndicate's delegation praised the role played by the al-Kafeel Specialist hospital and its great services provided to the citizens since its opening until now. They have called to the dissemination of its experience which proved successful on the governmental medical institutions and bringing foreign doctors in various specialities so that the Iraqi medical and nursing staff can learn from them and develop their skills and experiences.
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