The relief Committee of the Office of Sayed al-Sistani sends tons of food to Mosul refugees.

As part of its program to support and relief the displaced, the Relief Committee of the Office of His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani has provided the displaced because of the military operations recently ending for the liberation of Mosul, with tons of food to contribute to help them after being stranded and to alleviate their suffering, especially the elderly and the children, and that is the aim of the humanitarian work of the committee.

The head of the Committee Sayed Shaheed al-Musawi has explained the following: "After we had information on the difficult humanitarian situation of displaced people in Mosul, especially the inhabitants of the old city center, the relief committee has carried large quantities of the main foodstuffs to these families that are currently gathering in the Tayaran, Hawi, Hawsaq, Dendan and Hawi Jweyq neighborhoods despite the heat and the difficult roads leading to them as well as the security aspect, but we were able, with the help of the Federal Police forces to deliver aid to them and show them our support."

And he added: "18 tons of flour and 25 tons of food were distributed in the form of an integrated basket of eight materials, there was 2500 baskets and 2500 set of sterilized water bottles in this convoy, and a quality of water were also distributed to the camp of Marji'iyah in the area of Hammam al-'Aleel."

And Sayed Shaheed has also indicated: "The committee was received with the warmest expressions of gratitude and appreciation to the supreme religious authority for this initiative, which reflects the humanitarian sense of His eminence to all segments of the Iraqi people and after the distribution operation, the displaced people have expressed their thanks and gratitude for this parental attention and asked the committee members to convey their regards to His eminence."

It is to mention that the aid convoys carried out by the Relief Committee continue to operate within a predetermined timetable either in the refugees' camps or in the liberated cities in order to relieve the burden of these families and make the feel that the Supreme Religious Authority is a safe haven for all Iraqis of all colors and sects in order to remove the misty picture drawn by its enemies.
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