Health Insurance Fund of the Ministry of Interior opens prospects for joint cooperation with al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital.

The Health Insurance Fund of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior has concluded a contract to treat its employees and their families, thus contributing to alleviating their burden and providing high quality medical services and achieving health security for them in proportion to the volume of efforts and sacrifices made by their employees.

The Director of Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital; Dr. Haidar al-Bahadli has said: "This segment deserves the best, as they are members of the security forces that are vigilant on the security of the Iraqi citizen and made many sacrifices for his sake. So, the agreement came after the visit of a specialized delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior that have witnessed the medical and therapeutic services of the Hospital that are better than other institutions, so they have chosen it and this agreement is added to the other agreements that the administration of the hospital has signed with the Iraqi ministries and institutions depending on easy and convenient mechanisms of work."

And he added: "The agreement has included all holders of health insurance card from the employees of the Ministry or retirees and their families in accordance with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior law on health insurance, and now it is possible for the insured to enjoy the hospital medical and therapeutic services."

Dr. al-Bahadli has also stressed: The doors of the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital are open to all those who wish to benefit from the services provided by the hospital and they can come to make visits to see them closely."

In view of the many questions and inquiries about the health insurance program for the employees of the Ministry of Interior and the details of treatment and medical services provided by the al-Kafeel Specialist hospital for the employees of the ministry and their families, we would like to clarify some of the contents of the health insurance program.

The most important medical and therapeutic services to be provided are:

1- The medical services provided by the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital within the health insurance program include all employees of the Ministry of Interior and their families of first degree (the employee, wife and children only) and from all Iraqi provinces.

  1. The services provided to the included members of health insurance include all the medical specialties for the injured member. As for the family of the member, the Ministry of the Interior's insurance fund determines the medical specialization that can cover them for treatment and operations.

3 - Medical services in all details and their cost in the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital is guaranteed 100% by the Fund of the Ministry of Interior of the injured member.

4- As for the non-injured employee and the rest of his family, the insurance fund of the Ministry of Interior puts an annual amount for each of them of (one million one hundred and forty thousand dinars) to cover the cost of medical services provided in the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital.

5- Any family member of the employee can benefit from the amount of health insurance for the family members combined to cover the expenses of his treatment in the hospital.

6- All members and their families who wish to receive treatment at al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital in Karbala must bring a letter from the health insurance fund at the Ministry of the Interior so that they can benefit from the medical services of the hospital above.

For more information, please contact the following numbers working from 8am to 8pm:

07602344444 / 07602329999 / 07730622230 .
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