A successful operation conducted to a Jordanian young man in al-Kafeel Hospital after that the Jordan's hospitals were unable to treat him.

Mohamad 'Arafat a twenty-year-old Jordanian who has been paralyzed for nine years after a traffic accident. He has visited several hospitals in his country but without any benefit. And after that al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine became known in Iraq and abroad, thanks to its medical advanced equipment and its high efficiency medical staff and their professionalism, in addition to the good management, a combination that led to good results making the hospital outperform the other hospitals, which comes as part of the work plan set by the General Secretariat of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and which began to achieve the set up goals for which it was established.

And among the rare cases treated in the hospital is the treatment of cases of paralysis of the upper or lower limbs, by stimulating the muscles and nervous system using the technical of thermal electrical frequency under the supervision of one of the most prominent specialists in this field in the world and the director of the Center of pain medicine in at al-Kafeel hospital; the Iraqi Doctor Murtadha Jbara, who was able with his assistant team to restore the movement of this young Jordanian in a session that lasted about half hour, during which he was able to move and feel his stomach and lift his arms. Other sessions will follow until recovery so he can regain his ability to walk again, and realize the dream of this young man who was hoping for it for nine years, so he can complete his university studies and stand with his peers at the graduation ceremony.

It is to note that the case of this patient is not the first case treated in the hospital, other rare cases were treated with success under the supervision of the Iraqi doctor, the head of the pain medicine center at al-Kafeel Hospital.

To view the patients' condition,please click here.

To see the explanations given by the treating doctor,please click here.
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