In one week, the relief committee of Sayed al-Sistani's office sent two aid convoys to the people of Mosul.

The Relief Committee of the Office of His Eminence, Sayed al-Sistani, continues to provide relief to the displaced people of Mosul with various foodstuffs in tons as part of its program of support in order to contribute to alleviating the suffering they are currently experiencing. So, under the directives of the Office and during one week, it has delivered two aid convoys in defiance of all weather and security conditions according to its potential and the temporal and spatial schedule prepared for this purpose.

And according the head of the committee, Sayed Shahid al-Musawi:

The first stop was in the Camp of Jad'ah No.5 located south of al-Qayyarah in the province of Nineveh, where five thousand food baskets were distributed to the displaced people living in this camp, each basket contains eight foodstuffs, in cooperation with al-'Ayn Foundation of the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority.

The second stop was in the village of Imam Gharbi, located southern al-Qayyarah in the province of Nineveh, whose inhabitants were displaced a second time after that the ISIL gangs entered to it a month ago and caused lot of damages as they killed and captured some of them while others were displaced. And after its liberation by the security forces who evicted the terrorist gangs, the village people have called for the relief of this area, and the office of His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani has responded to their call and gave his directives to the Relief Committee to provide them with food and humanitarian aid. In addition to the distribution of 1600 food baskets, their baskets also contained relief items suitable for their situation.

As for the reactions of the displaced, al-Musawi has said: "The reactions were positives, expressing deep gratitude and appreciation for the supreme religious authority; Sayed al-Sistani for this humanitarian position, which assured them that the religious authority is a tent for all Iraqis of different affiliations.

For their part, the people of the village welcomed the members of the committee and thanked His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani for taking care of them and responding to their appeal by sending aid convoys to them. As this is the fourth convoy to reach the people of the village "Imam Gharbi" since the beginning of the liberation operations in Mosul. The displaced in al-Jad'ah camp have told us to convey their greetings, thanks and gratitude to His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani and to the members of his office and to all those who participated in this humanitarian effort including the supervisors of al-'Ayn Foundation, as they did not receive any assistance from any party in this quantity and quality. And the people of the village Imam Gharbi have the same feelings and one of them added: "Sayed al-Sistani has unified us with his humanitarian positions." Another one stated: "I am a man of Sunni conviction and I consider Sayed al-Sistani my spiritual reference like all Iraqis." The people have asked the committee to convey their greetings and prayers of long life to His Eminence to remain a tent for all Iraqis.

It is to mention that the aid convoys carried out by the Relief Committee continue to operate within a predetermined timetable either in the refugees' camps or in the liberated cities in order to relieve the burden of these families and make the feel that the Supreme Religious Authority is a safe haven for all Iraqis of all colors and sects in order to remove the misty picture drawn by its enemies.
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