For the first time in Iraq and in the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital: A surgery to replace hip joint with artificial joint.

In continuation of the successful and rare surgeries, the Director General of the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Doctor Haidar al-Bahadli has announced the success of the Indian medical team working in it on the process of replacing the basin hip joint.

The medical team was able to replace the joint with another artificial one for a lady from the province of Baghdad, which is one of the latest types of joints and it is used for the first time in Iraq at the level of bone and joints surgeries after it was conducted only in some of the international hospitals that are a burden for the Iraqi citizen materially and morally in addition to the success rate, the side effects of the surgery and being oblige to go there many times for check-ups.

He added: "The patient was suffering from continuous pain as a result of her broken joint after she has fallen. After the initial tests and despite her age of 63 years old, the staff was confident of the success of the surgery thanks to the hospital's devices and equipment special to these operations, as well as the ability to fetch the artificial joint of the good quality, this time it was imported from France of double mobility that is quite different from the traditional joints used in such operations."

Dr. al-Bahadli indicated: "This type of artificial joints protects against hip dislocations caused by different sitting positions one the ground and sudden movements to the jip joint. In this process, we can say that the hospital has entered the field of conducting these complex operations and there is no need for patients to travel to hospital outside Iraq, as al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital is now able to conduct with expertise such operations, whether by local medical staff or by foreign competent doctors."

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