Within the liberation operations of Tal-A'far: Remarkable progress of the forces of the al-Abbas's (p) Squad in its axis, and its artillery is demolishing the strongholds of ISIL.

The forces of the Fighting Squad of the al-Abbas (peace be upon him) "Brigade 26" has made an impressive progress in the beginning of operations "We are coming, O Tal-A'far" face to the terrorist gangs of ISIL, as the heroes of the squad managed with all determination and professionalism with the ninth Iraqi Army Division and the Brigade 36 of the popular mobilization, to cut the main supply route between the cities of Sheikh Ibrahim, Mahlabyah and Tal-A'far.

Also, a force of the squad and the heroes of the ninth Iraqi Army Division have broken with lighting speed through the southern part of the Zambar hills and surroundings, to go after that towards the northern industrial district of the city of Tal-A'far to tighten the complete control of the road linking between the area of Mahlabyah and the city of Tal-A'far.

The artillery and missile support battalion of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad was able, on the basis of accurate intelligence information, to disrupt important gatherings of members of the terrorist organization "ISIL" in the area of al-Hassan Kuwi in Tal-A'far. And according to the intelligence of the Squad, the bombing resulted in the killing of a group of foreign terrorists including the leader called Abu Yusuf the Russian and Abu Yunus al-Azeri, who is considered the military commander of the terrorists in Tal-A'far. A communications center was also destroyed and the terrorist Sa'ud Qablan was killed, in addition to the demolition of what is called Diwan of soldiers and the headquarter of Kawaseh.

This is the total of what the sons of the al-Kafeel al-Abbas (peace be upon him) have conducted until this moment of preparing this report, as the operations are still ongoing and there are other news that we will provide you accordingly.
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