Breaking news: The knights of the al-Abbas's (p) Squad storming the center city of Tal-A'far.

The knights of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad started with full determination and steadfastness to storm the center city of Tal-A'far from the south-east axis of the city, after they passes the last block wall, making the ISIL terrorist gangs bear losses of equipment and lives discomposing its defensive lines. The storming operation came after the fighters liberated over five days the neighborhoods of al-Jazrah, al-Noor and al-Khadra'.

It is worth mentioning that the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad is participating in the operations to liberate Tal-A'far with 5000 fighters divided into three brigades: the armored brigade, the elite brigade and the reserve brigade, along with the artillery battalion, the missile support battalion and the tactical formations. It has achieved its first goals in the eastern axis of the operations.
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