Exclusively: The achievements of the heroes of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad during the battle to liberate Tal-A'far.

The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad has announced what its heroes had achieved during the battle to liberate Tal-A'far, as follows:

1- 320 terrorists were killed, including 18 leaders.

2- Destruction of 11 explosive vehicles.

3- Destruction of 13 explosive belts.

4- Destruction of 14 mortars.

5- Destruction of 4 vehicles carrying different weapons.

6- Treatment of 11 sniper detachments.

7- Destruction of 11 23-mm machine gun.

8- Destruction of an IED factory.

9- Treatment of a chemical weapons store.

10- Destruction of 6 headquarters.

11- Destruction of 4 vehicles carrying armor-resistant shields.

12- Dismantling 74 explosive devices.

13- Destruction of one vehicle carrying tank guns.

14- Destruction of two guided missile bases (cornet).

15- Destruction of 3 communications centers.

16- Destruction of one rocket manufacturing plant.

17- Destruction of one plant to install explosives on vehicles.

18- Destruction of three homemade rocket launcher.

19- Controlling two manufacturing plants for guided missiles.

20- Filling 21 tunnels.

21- Destruction of three command and control centers.

22- Control of the main medical center.

23- Acquisition of a guided missile store.

24- Acquisition of 3 mortar of 120 mm.

25- Acquisition of a store for various mortar rounds.

26- Acquisition of a call center containing 110 Motorola communication devices.

27- Acquisition of a security center.

Regarding the liberation of the lands, 100 km2 from the land of Tal-A'far was liberated, as follows:

1-Tal Simpak.

2- Southern part of Zinbar Hills series.

3- al-Muntadhar neighborhood.

4- al-Khadra neighborhood.

5- al-Jazira neighborhood.

6- Maqam Khidr Elias.

7- al-Jazira Police station.

8- Technical Institute of Tal-A'far.

9- Industry College of Tal-A'far.

10- Four schools.

11- Fire Department in al-Jazira neighborhood.

12- Two Kindergartens.

It is worth mentioning that the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad is participating in the operations to liberate Tal-A'far with 5000 fighters divided into three brigades: the armored brigade, the elite brigade and the reserve brigade, along with the artillery battalion, the missile support battalion and the tactical formations. It has achieved its first goals in the eastern axis of the operations.
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