The heroes of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine abort a terrorist attack on the city of Sayed Mohammad (peace be upon him).

The heroes of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine managed to abort a cowardly terrorist attack on the city of Sab' Dujayl Sayed Mohammad (peace be upon him) late last night.

The fighters of the Balad troop of the Squad and the security forces have faced suicide bombers and confine them before arriving to the shrine, which led to the siege of two of them and forcing them to blow themselves without any damage or material or human loss. The rest of them have fled, and after aborting their failed attack, the Squad's heroes launched a large-scale inspection in the surrounding orchards and mezzanine to make sure they are free of aggressors or squatters.

On the other hand, and in conjunction with this incident, a force from the Squad stationed in the right coast of Mosul in the area of Badush, was able to kill two terrorists who wanted to harm some innocent citizens.

The leadership of the Squad has renewed its covenant with the citizens that there are brave soldiers that are vigilant and seek their security, and assured everyone that the security and stability of Iraq are the priority of competent soldiers who sacrifice all they have for the homeland' safety and protection.
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