The closing ceremony of the International al-Kafeel Conference of Museums.

The second edition of the International al-Kafeel Conference of Museums, was closed on Friday afternoon the 16th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1438 AH, corresponding to the September 8, 2017 held by al-Kafeel Museum for valuables and manuscripts of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, which activities lasted for two days under the slogan "The Museums: civilization and economy", with the participation of academic figures and interested in the museum field inside and outside Iraq.

The closing ceremony was hosted at the hall of Imam al-Hassan (peace be upon him) for conferences and seminars in the presence of the Secretary-General of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Engineer Mohammad al-Ashigar, began with the recitation of verses of the Holy Quran.

Followed by the word of the Scientific Committee of the conference, delivered by its head; Dr. Ibrahim Sarhan, stating: "The General Secretariat of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and the administration of al-Kafeel Museum had the great merit in establishing this international scientific conference, giving birth to a specialized conference in museum sciences, and prepared all the possibilities seeking to develop its specialized museum -al-Kafeel Museum for valuables and manuscripts- and the ways of success and advancements of its work, thus it opened its arms to all specialists in the bodies concerned with monuments, museums and university professors inside and outside Iraq."

And he added: "As a respect for the scientific specialization, it formed a scientific committee based on the preparation and organization of the conference of qualified professors from various international and Iraqi universities, from Baghdad, Mustansiriyah, Kufa and the German East Institute of Archaelogy in Germany, as well as the active participation of the staff of al-Kafeel Museum."

Explaining: "The conference emerged to lay out a broad outline of the foundations of museums science and its significance, and upgrading the level of infrastructure and museum exhibition through the employment of other sciences supporting this science."

And indicating: "There was sixty scientific researchers in various types of knowledge of Museum science that were presented to the conference committee, all of which were evaluated by professors specialized in this field from various Iraqi universities according to the terms of scientific research. Twenty research papers were obtained by Iraqi, Arab and foreign researchers that were in harmony with the themes of the conference. Fifteen of them were presented over three sessions."

He then continued: "The professors and all members of the scientific and preparatory committees have harnessed high organizational efforts to show it in an appropriate scientific level, in accordance with bearer of the standard of truth; the Master of this holy place Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him)."

Dr. Ibrahim Sarhan has then read out the recommendations of the conference as follows:

1- The necessity of holding the conference and making it a periodic conference that will be held every two years, because it is of great benefit as a unique specialized conference in dealing with the issues of museums and their development, as well as maintaining the link between scientists and specialists and those interested in museums and the development of scientific research in this area.

2 - Building bridges between the al-Kafeel museum of valuables and manuscripts with national and international museums, in order to exchange experiences and search for the latest developments in the techniques of museum display, and ways to preserve the holdings presented according to the latest scientific methods in the world.

3 - The participants stressed the development of the heritage treatment process in the laboratories and workshops of the al-Kafeel Museum of the valuables and manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.

4 - The conferees urge the departments and colleges of archaeology in Iraqi universities and related bodies and institutions to the need for joint and periodic workshops with the al-Kafeel museum, because of the scientific benefit on both parties, especially since most departments and colleges of archaeology are still emerging, and have the global talent, but lacks the potential that is present at al-Kafeel Museum, which will develop the outputs of these departments and colleges and their competencies will contribute in the development of the scientific aspects of the museum.

  1. To develop scientific research in the field of museum sciences for the Division of Studies in this field and to use the supporting sciences for the development of museum infrastructure and to provide an environment suitable for museum displays.
  2. The Scientific Committee of the current Conference recommends after the announcement of the third edition of the conference that it will be held under the slogan "Museums; Civilization and Scientific Techniques", which is an invitation to all specialists in civilization and prospecting to use scientific techniques to contribute to the development of museum infrastructure.

The closing ceremony was closed by the distribution of the appreciation certificates and the festival shields to researchers, participants and contributors to the success of its activities.
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