The arrival of the processing and furnishing of the al-‘Ameed University to the final stages and the Ministry of Higher Education, praises and confirms that it will be a turning point in the history of Iraqi education.

All faculties of the al-'Ameed University (nursing, dentistry, medicine) have been equipped and furnished with world-class furniture and equipment to suit every specialty of the college, from office furniture to scientific laboratories, classrooms and other supplies.

The Iraqi Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research sent a specialized delegation to visit the university and see its buildings and equipment provided to its departments and the rest of its facilities. The delegation accompanied by the head of the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Dr. Abbas Rashid al-Dadah, had a tour in the university departments and its corridors to see its final completion stages.

At the end of the visit, the delegation praised the achievements of the university on the ground, the delegation member Dr. Aysan Kamal explained: "There are many things that drew attention of the delegation and raised its admiration, including the achievement speed by the technical and engineering staff at the university for buildings, halls and other facilities, as well as the quality of the equipment and supplies provided to the departments and the scientific laboratories." She was impressed with the way of furnishing the halls and the quality of furniture, as well as its laboratories, which included the latest types of scientific devices and other supplies that were of good origin.

She indicated: "The impression that the delegation has after the tour of the University's departments, halls and laboratories as well as its gardens and public facilities, was a positive impression of the fact that the university has prepared all the student needs and the atmosphere of study to enable them to excel and achieve great success."

As for the delegation member; Dr. Samer 'Awn has added: "This visit is dedicated to reviewing the work at the university and completing all requirements for the purpose of approving its development, and the equipment provided by the university raised the admiration of the delegation in terms of its honesty, integrity and lack of any deficiencies." Expressing his optimism that the university will be an important turning point in the history of higher education in Iraq in general, and that it will be a shining light in the path of education and an example to follow.

It is noteworthy that the establishment of this scientific edifice comes as part of the attention given by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine to the educational and academic aspect and its contribution to its advancement, as well as the success achieved at al-Kafeel College (previously College of Humanities), in addition, there are increasing demands from outstanding students wishing to study in educational institutions of the holy shrine. The university is located on the road Najaf to Karbala on an area of 25 Dunums: 62.500 square meters, and which design and implementation plans were developed according to the standards of its peers from the Iraqi universities with artistic touches that contribute to create an ideal atmosphere for learning and an academic model that stimulates the leading models in the higher education sector with various medical programs and specialities which were implemented by the technical and engineering staff in the engineering maintenance department of the holy shrine.
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