Al-'Ameed Fourth International Conference was concluded, and the participants recommend activating the subject of cultural security.

In the presence of the Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy shrine; Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, its Secretary-General; Engineer Mohamad al-Ashigar and a large group of professors and researchers from eight countries in addition to Iraq. The fourth edition of the al-'Ameed International Scientific Conference was concluded on Friday afternoon the 23rd of Dhu al-Hijjah 1438 AH corresponding to the September 15, 2017, which was held under the title "The Cultural Security; meanings and applications" and under the slogan "We meet in shrine of al-'Ameed to raise" and which lasted for two days.

After reciting verses from the Holy Quran, Prof. Dr. Khalid Muharram from Lebanon presented the recommendations of the conferees, stating: "At the conclusion of the al-'Ameed fourth International Scientific Conference, we would like to thank all the participants, researchers and guests for their scientific efforts and for bearing long journey to come to Iraq, asking the Almighty to give them success to give more, and hoping that these scientific conferences continue to serve the science and values of the Islamic message."

And added: "The conference ended with a set of recommendations that we hope will be supported by efforts to implement and work on them. These recommendations according to the priorities are:

1- To activate the issue of cultural security, the conferees recommend that the governmental and civil authorities concerned with the official speeches to give the necessary attention to the security systems of the function of their institutions, in order to draw the attention of those who are responsible for forming an integrated security system.

2- The workshop held within the framework of the conference recommended to approach the relevant official bodies to activate the Iraqi scientific academy, to exercise its supervisory function in accordance with its law.

3- The conferees called for the necessity of implementing the Arabic Language Safety No.14 of the year 1977 to activate the linguistic security, which is an important pillar of cultural security.

4- Communicating with the official media institutions to highlight the need to activate its supervisory function to guide the media institutions towards their lofty goals to build the human and its moral system.

5- The conference participants attributed the fragility of the cultural security to the educational curricula and its messages. Therefore, they recommend highlighting them at the level of study, analysis and treatment, as they are the most powerful pillar in conservation, so they identified the title of the fifth edition of the al-'Ameed Conference "The educational Curricula: Consolidation, Analysis and Rehabilitation."
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