The specifications of the sanctuary's door of Sayed Mohammad, and its manufacturers confirm that it is the first door manufactured in Iraq with these specifications.

The Engineer Ali Salloum, a member of the committee overseeing the manufacture of the sanctuary's door of Sayed Mohammad son of Imam Ali al-Hadi (peace be upon him), which was manufactured in the factory of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for the manufacture of the shrines' grids and doors. This door is the first door that was manufactured in Iraq with these unique technical and artistic specifications, which are as follow:

1- The height of the door is 4.76 m and the width is 3.90 m.

2- The outer frame dimensions are 30 cm x 30 cm.

3- The weight of the door is 1.5 tons.

4- The door is divided into two symmetrical pairs, the width of each of them is 9 cm, and each of them contains:

  1. A rectangular frame of 125 cm x 75 cm, in which a Quranic verse was engraved surrounded by Eslimi and vegetal inscriptions.
  2. A square central frame of 125 cm x 125 cm, centered by a circle with a diameter of 115 cm on which Quranic verses were engraved, surrounded from outside by inscriptions and from inside by the engraving of the word of Majesty.
  3. A rectangular frame of 125 cm x 75 cm located down, engraved from inside by Eslimi and vegetal inscriptions.
  4. These three frames were distributed equally to form a magnificent artistic image.

5- The outer frame of the door contains in tis front face a 20 pieces frame, on which verses of poetry of the shrine's master are engraved with decorative dividers. This frame is based on a vase decorated with natural wood colors.

6- Under the upper frame, there is a frame on which Basmalah is engraved with vegetal and Eslmi decorations on both of its sides.

7- Under the above frame there another frame on which is engraved a poetry verse to date this work. With the use of Kufi and Thuluth calligraphy.

8- Burmese teak was used in the manufacture of this door, using 130 cubic feet.

9- Natural wood was used for coloring.

10- Internal network of stainless steel non-hollow pipes were used, with a separation of 30 cm between each pipe to give strength and durability.

11- Coatings are of stainless steel are in the form of frames from the top and the bottom of each part to protect it from external environmental factors.

12- Frames of stainless steel to protect the door bases from corrosion and humidity.

13- A column topped by decoration and based on another decorative part, separate the two parts of the door.

14- In the middle of the door two flying rings were installed, on which it was engraved "O Aba Ja'far" meaning Sayed Mohammad (peace be upon him).

And he added: "The other characteristics the distinguish this door is the use of natural wood color grafting in addition to transparent dyes of high quality and good specifications. This door is an integrated artistic piece of art in terms of the design that was supervised by specialized committee, and the execution by the servants of Aba al-Fadl l-Abbas (peace be upon him) to be a modest gift to the shrine of Sayed Mohammad (peace be upon him) after what happened to it.
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