In conjunction with the holy month of Muharram, al-Kafeel Global Network renews its audio section in a sophisticated programming style.

In conjunction with the holy month of Muharram, al-Kafeel Network has updated its audio section as part of its development plans to upgrade its windows, using a sophisticated programming style that keeps pace with the other websites.

Mr. Haydar Mamitha, Director of the Internet Division of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, from which emanates the al-Kafeel global Network, has stated: "Our work is continuous in order to develop and update all the sections and windows of the network commensurate with the development of this field in the world, and we have set a plan for this work, including what has been achieved and the ongoing work."

And he added: "The advantages of this upgraded audio section, which was programmed by the technical staff of the division, include:

1- A very fast search engine that enables the listener to search for any audio clip in the audio library.

2- The speed of the results, and the audio track can be played directly from the list of search results.

3- The section works on all desktops and smartphones in addition to all browsers.

4- New parts were added to the section to be more expansive, such as the window of history that contains the last 25 audio tracks played by the user, in addition to the option of "like".

5- Hashtags and tags were added to the audio tracks.

6- Adding a calculator for each audio track, so the user can know the number of times the audio track was liked, listened, and downloaded before playing the track.

7- The new window was programmed with Ajax system.

8- The user can listen to a track and at the same time search for another audio track or browse the other sections without stopping the audio.

9- All audio library section operates in form of playlist.

10- Acceptable limits of Internet service have been into account in implementing this window.

To view or visit this window, please click on the following link:
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