The Department of maintaining the order strengthens its security work in the holy month of Muharram.

The Department of maintaining the order of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has stepped up its efforts to preserve the security of the visitors of the holy shrine through the establishment of a special plan for the holy month of Muharram, which has been implemented since the first night of this month.

In order to preserve the security and safety of the visitors by providing a safe and reassuring environment that gives the visitors of the two holy shrines the sense of serenity to perform the rituals and the Hussayni rites either the visitor was alone or within a procession.

The deputy head of the Department of maintaining the order; Mr. Abd al-Hussayn Habib has talked about this plan saying: "We focused in the Ziyarat of this year to activate the intelligence component further by relying on a group of our staff who were enrolled in previous courses during which they received a series of exercises on this matter. We also conduct foot patrols to observe any suspicious situation and to transmit the information on a timely basis. As well as continuous tours of sonar survey of persons and areas near the holy shrine, and the examination of bags by the use of special devices that were distributed at the checkpoints surrounding the entrances of the holy shrine."

And he added: "As part of the plan, we received a group of 500 volunteers, to work and support the staff of the Department of maintaining order through coordination with some of the known bodies. The volunteers were dispatched at the doors and internal points surrounding to two holy shrines to support the department employees."

Indicating: "The plan also included other security measures that cannot be disclosed, all contribute to provide safe atmosphere and monitor any situation that lead to disturb the rituals of this Ziyarat."

At the end, Mr. Abd al-Hussayn Habib sent an appeal to the responsible of the processions, asking them to prevent any stranger from entering their procession, in addition to organizing their processions and leaving some space between the processions for the movement of the visitors on both sides of the road, to prevent large congestion.”
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