The position of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) on the night before Ashura.

Relating to the events of the night before Ashura, Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) gathered his companions at night. Imam Ali Zayn al-'Abideen (peace be upon him) says that: I went closer to them so as to hear what they said, and at that time I was unwell. I heard Imam telling his compan­ions that,

“I glorify Allah with the best glorification, and praise him in times of prosperity as well as misfortunes. O Allah! I praise You that You have likened Prophethood to be bestowed in our family, You taught us the Qur’an thus making us intellectuals in Religion, and conferred upon us the faculty of hearing and foresight and an enlightened heart. Thus enter us among the fold of your grateful servants.

Now then! I have not known any companion who are more faithful and devout than you, nor have I known any family who is more considerate, affectionate, favorable, and amiable than my family. Thus may Allah reward you well on my behalf. And I presume that the enemy will not spare even a single day, and I permit all of you to go away freely while I validate this for you.

I lift up from you the re­sponsibility of the allegiance and oath (which you have sworn at my hands). The darkness of the night has enveloped you, thus free yourself from the whirlpool (hiding) in the waves of darkness. Then each of you may catch hold of the hand of each of my family members and disperse into the villages and cities, until Allah bestows relief upon you. For these people desire me only, and after having laid their hands upon me, they shall not pursue anyone else.”

The first person to stand up and express his loyalty was his brother Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him). Teaching the others how to answer their Imam, to show their fulfillment, insight and support, so that the Almighty Allah and His Messenger are pleased with them, showing a a position of advice, loyalty, nobility, and pride to receive the glory of the world and the honor of the Hereafter.

He stood up and said, “And why should we abandon you? So that we may live after you! May God not show us such a day ever.

After others said similar things, the Imam said, “Jazakumullah Khayra (May God reward you well)”, and then said, “I am going to be killed tomorrow and all of you will be killed and no one among you will remain except my son ′Ali as‑Sajjad.”

When they heard that ′Ali as‑Sajjad would survive the massacre, they all screamed in one voice, “All Praises to God! Praise God who has honored us to help you and honored us to die with you!”

Then, after the people became quiet, the Imam said calmly, “The good news is heaven.”
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