The tribe of Bani Asad and the Iraqi tribes commemorate the burial anniversary of the holy corpses of the at-Taf martyrs.

On the 13th of the holy month of Muharram 1439 AH corresponding to the October 4, 2017, the mourning procession of Bani Asad led by the procession of Bani Asad tribe followed by other Iraqi tribes, launches in the holy city of Karbala to commemorate the burial of the holy corpses of the Master of martyrs, his family and chosen companions (peace be upon them) who were martyred in at-Taf tragedy in the year 61 AH.

It is narrated that on the third day of the martyrdom of Imam al-Hussayn, his family and companions (peace be upon them), women from the tribe of Bani Asad were drawing water from the Euphrates River, and they found corpses scattered in the desert, covered with their blood like if they were killed on the same day. The women came back to their tribe groaning and crying and then said: You are sitting in your houses, and this is Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) son of the Messenger of Allah (Allah's prayers be upon him and his holy Household), members of his family and companions massacred like sacrificed sheep on the sand, how would you apologize to the Messenger of Allah, the Commander of the Faithful and Fatima Az-Zahra, when you will meet them? If you have missed giving support to Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), stand up now them to the pure bodies and bury them, as if you don't bury them, we will handle burying them ourselves. So men of Bani Asad came to bury the pure bodies, but they did not identify to whom belong each body.

At that moment, Imam Zayn al-'Abideen (peace be upon him) arrived and started burying the holy bodies, and asked them to help him, and so the tribe of Bani Asad helped the Imam (peace be upon him) and participated in burying some of the martyrs, and thus they had this honor, which is the source of this great procession.
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