After liberating al-Riyadh area, al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad heads towards north of al-Huwayja to maintain contact with the rest of the liberating forces.

The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad: Brigade 26, has announced that after that its fighters have completed their mission in the liberation of al-Riyadh area south-east of al-Huwayja, and which is 18 km distance from the center of the entire district, and after cleaning it from the remnants of the terrorist ISIL gangs, is heading towards north of Huwayja in order to perpetuate the contact with the rest of the fighting units, as this area is more than 120 milometers and includes a number of villages of military importance, noting that the progress of the squad continues.

It is to note that with the support of the Air Force, the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad was able to liberate the Riyadh area in the south-east of al-Huwayja from the clutches of ISIL terrorist gangs, as part of the operations of "we are coming, O Huwayja" in its second phase of the operations.
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