The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad announced the conclusion of its operation in the liberation al-Huwayja and clarifies its next destination.

The leadership of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad has announced the end of its combat duty in the operations of "We are coming O Huwayja". This announcement was at a press conference held on Monday morning the 18th of Muharram 1439 AH corresponding to the October 8, 2017 in al-Bashir Kasbah in the outskirts of Kirkuk, where the supervisor of the squad; Sheikh Maitham al-Zaydi stated several points to outline the achievements of the heroes of squad in this epic, including:

* We have participated in the second page of the second phase of the liberation operations of al-Huwayja district and its surroundings.

* Our goal was the Riyadh area to the Peshmerga fronts.

* We worked under the command of the Iraqi Army, 34th brigade.

* We liberated a distance of 41 km long in an area of 246 km2.

* The liberation of 61 villages, killing and arresting many ISIL members and providing health care to the captives.

* Blowing many IEDs and seizing many weapons and equipment stores.

* The liberation operation was like a lightning strike, costing losses in lives and equipment for the members of the terrorist ISIL organization.

* The discovery of a cemetery of the bodies of our heroes in this region.

* Up to this stage, our duty in Kirkuk has ended.

* We are waiting for the next directions, expecting the next destination to be al-Qa'im, God willing.

* The squad is fully prepared to take part in any military operation to end the war against ISIL.
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