The Relief Committee of the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority is the first to provide aid to the newly liberated areas and the inhabitants express their thanks and gratitude.

The people of the newly liberated areas by the security forces and the popular mobilization from the clutches of the terrorist ISIL gangs, in the left side of Shergat, Zab and al-Huwayja, have expressed their thanks and gratitude to the supreme religious authority for this humanitarian aid in these difficult circumstances, as the committee is at the forefront of those who came to their relief, which indicates the fatherhood of this religious authority which, had it not been for its fatwa to defend the homeland and the sanctities, the cities of Iraq would have not been liberated from ISIL up to now.

And within its campaign for the relief of families of the liberated areas, the committee was present in the villages of upper, lower and central Esdirah, Taqtaq, I'lilah, al-Sahn, Zab, Shmeyt, al-Nemeysa and 'Alkah, to provide them with 3500 varied food baskets as well as infant formula and other aids.

It is to note that this campaign carried out by the committee, is part of a large project adopted by the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority Sayed Ali al-Sistani, to provide relief to the displaced in all the areas in which liberation battles against ISIL gangs were conducted, in addition to refugees camps. This committee was present and eager to provide what is required to these families, who suffered a lot under the weight of the ISIL terrorism.
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