In a statement to deny the rumor: More than 3 billion dinars were provided by al-Kafeel Hospital for the needy and wounded of the popular mobilization.

Dr. Haidar al-Bahadli, Director General of al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, announced that the total amount of medical and treatment services for the low-income groups, and the wounded of the security forces and the popular mobilizations has exceeded 3 billion Iraqi dinars since the opening of the hospital, and the hospital continues to provide these services according to the controls set by its administration commensurate with the huge numbers of these categories.

This was a part of his statement to al-Kafeel Global Network, and he also dined the recent publication on the social networking website (Facebook) that the service of the hospital will be provided for free for three months, as he said: "Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital in Karbala denies the rumors transmitted in some social networking websites (Facebook), which stated that the services will be provided for free for three months, and al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital confirms that these news are unfounded and aims to create confusion in its work as well as the harm of the supreme religious authority in the manner mentioned in these news."

Adding: "The hospital wished to clarify that since its inception two years ago, it has been keen to provide medical and treatment services to many poor, needy, low-income patients, and the wounded of the security forces and the popular mobilization, free of charge and others at reduced prices. And the cost of the services provided by the hospital to these categories has so far exceeded three billion dinars through the subsidized list, in which the prices of services and operations are reduced for the citizens with limited income, as well as many services and operations provided to the poor and needy and that are totally taken in charge by the hospital in coordination with a number of humanitarian and charitable associations in Karbala and other provinces."

Dr. al-Bahadli continued: "The hospital has also formed a team of doctors without wage, which included Iraq, Arab and foreigner specialist doctors. The team conducted many rounds to provide medical and treatment services to citizens in villages and areas away from health centers in a number of provinces of Iraq."

Indicating: "The amount of money imposed on the hospital for water, electricity services to the concerned authorities is very large , in addition to the large sums of money provided as wages to the doctors and nursing and technical staff that are brought from Arab and foreign countries to serve the citizens, as well as medical, nursing, technical and administrative staff and the medical equipment and modern techniques that contributed to provide high quality services to the patients inside Iraq without travelling to other countries in search of treatment. All of this, requires huge sums of money and the services of the hospital cannot be completely free... and we thank the citizens for their understanding and appreciation."
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