Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad on the outskirts of Qa'im district and waiting for the zero hour to liberate it.

In the largest mobilization of its kind after the battle to liberate the village of al-Bashir in the year 2016. The forces of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad arrived to the outskirts of the Qa'im district in the province of Anbar, in order to participate in the liberation battles and the liberation of Rawah district from the clutches of the terrorist ISIL gangs, the last of its strongholds in Iraq. This confrontation will be the end of the series of battles waged by the squad over three years and four months.

This mobilization was preceded by survey conducted by the leadership of the squad in addition to several coordination meetings with the relevant security forces resulted the discussion of duty and its details with joint operations and popular mobilization operations.

The statement of the leadership of the squad seen by al-Kafeel Global Network highlighted the size and type of formations of the fighting squad for this duty as follows:

* Armored brigade with four of its units.

* Infantry Brigade with 1000 fighters including the Commando Regiment (anger force).

* Forces from the reserve brigade with 2000 fighters.

* Heroes from the Engineering force (field and processing).

* Electronic surveillance regiments (Ar-Raqeeb faction and the controlled flight platoon).

*General support: Field artillery and missile battalion.

*Tactical faction.

*Sniper faction.

*Faction fighting armor.

In addition to other departments and units.

The squad leadership explained that its participation in this battle will not affect the spread of the rest of its forces in a number of the liberated provinces and the borders of the holy province of Karbala.
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