The heroes of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad are attacking the targets set for them within the operations of liberating al-Qaim and Rawah.

Since the first hours of the launch of the first phase of the liberation of al-Qaim and Rawah, the heroes of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad were able as it is their tradition in every battle to attack the targets set for them in a record time to inflict the terrorist ISIL gangs big losses in the midst of a complete collapse in the enemy's ranks.

The Squad's Command said that its intelligence services carry out deep surveying tasks in the west of Anbar (al-Qaim and Rawah) and provides the advanced units with accurate information and that its engineering effort regiment has dismantled dozens of IEDs and mines and cleared many major and secondary roads using modern specialized equipment and vehicles.

It is to mention that on Thursday morning 5th of Safar 1439 AH corresponding to the October 26, 2017. The liberation operations of western Anbar, the last stronghold of the terrorist ISIL gangs in Iraq, started.

It is noteworthy that the mobilization of the forces of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad in this battle is the largest of its kind after the battle to liberate the village of al-Bashir in 2016, and will be the end of the series of battles fought by the Squad over three years and four months.
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