In a record time: The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad accomplishes its goals on the first phase of the liberation operations in western Anbar.

The al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad announced its completion of all combat tasks assigned to it by the Joint Operations Command for the Liberation of West Anbar (al-Qaim and Rawah) on its first phase.

The squad confirmed that the combat mission carried out was completed in record time and caused losses in lives and equipment for the terrorist ISIL gangs. The squad has redeployed and organized its forces pending the coming phases of the liberation operations.

The Squad was able in this phase to:

1- Clearance of more than 201 km 2.

2- Freeing the plant of Kassarat al-Qaim.

3- Freeing the plant 90 for the production of phosphate.

4- Freeing the water station 70 of al-Qaim.

5- Destruction of three car bombs that tried to impede the progress of the forces.

6- Dismantling more than 100 explosive devices.

7- Control of the communications center of the terrorist ISIL gangs.

8- Liberation of Wadi 'Akash and Wadi 'Azaf and Wadi Razqa.

It is noteworthy that the mobilization of the forces of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad in this battle is the largest of its kind after the battle to liberate the village of al-Bashir in 2016, and will be the end of the series of battles fought by the Squad over three years and four months.
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