Stations on the road to paradise: The Hussayni love convoy landing in Nasiriyah.

Since more than two days ago, the Hussayni love convoy of the visitors of Arba'een coming from the Gulf and from Ras al-Bisha and the border crossing points in the south in the port or Safwan and Shlamjah, arrived to the city of Nasiriyah from the entrance of the area of al-Fuhud towards the other cities.

This province, which has a historical depth full of life despite the harsh circumstances, but did not know surrender and submission to the oppressors, and remained following the Hussayni matter even in time of the former oppressing regime, it stood firm adhering to the love of al-Hussayn and Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) despite all methods of oppression and persecution followed by the former regime, being lovers of their ritual to the degree of sacrifice and martyrdom.

The citizens of al-Nasiriyah, the Hussayni processions and houses that spread all the roads taken by the visitors of the immortal march, have welcomed the visitors in unparalleled way by providing them all the services that they might need during this long journey.

It is to note that the southern provinces such as Maysan, Diwaniyah and Muthanna have also witnessed a movement of visitors, and we will publish news about them in the future.
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