The martyrs of Dhi Qar welcome the visitors of Arba'een.

The Hussayni service processions in Dhi Qar province were decorated with the pictures of the martyrs, who sacrificed themselves for the sake of this homeland and its sanctuaries, and have graduated from these procession as they used to race to serve the visitors, but their destiny took them elsewhere.

The province of Dhi Qar, like the rest of the southern provinces, has given a lot of blood for the sake of protecting the homeland, and its sons were among the first to respond to the call of their religious authority to defend the homeland and its sanctities.

And the martyrs of the armed forces and the popular mobilization are lanterns in the path of freedom, where blood became the martyr's stamp and this path became the pride of patriotism.

The martyrs' souls are drawing in heaven the map of the homeland with faith and certainty. As they are the education of the Hussayni chanting "Hayhat minna Dhillah [Woe unto the Wretched]"

They are the martyrs of the Hussayni pride towards reform and defense of their land and holy sites and with their blood have won victory.

And they gave their lives a vow to a homeland called Iraq. Glory to you, O martyrs of religion and certainty.
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