Stations on the road to Paradise: The visitors from the province of Wasit are moving towards Karbala.

Since more than two days ago, the people of Wasit province are walking towards Karbala to commemorate the Ziyarat Arba'een of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), amid great service preparations by the Hussayni processions and tight security measures to provide security for them.

And according to local officials, the numbers of visitors will gradually increase until the peak in the next two days, especially after the arrival of a large section of visitors from the southern province and from the neighboring countries to the city of Kut, which is the point of convergence.

The visitors from the Wasit province and those who join them from the southern regions will take main and secondary roads in addition to boats to cross the river within the boundaries of the province on the road Wasit-Nu'maniyah passing by al-Shihaimiyah, leading to Shomali in Babylon province to the holy Karbala, which is about 180 km from Wasit province center.

On these roads, the Hussayni service provinces are scattered and prepared to receive these convoys to provide them with all services such as food, drink, clothing and accommodation, as well as medical and other services.
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