Al-Kafeel Center for Culture and International Media launches "Karbala for All" Project and the foreign visitors confirm: We are impressed by the generosity and nobility of the Iraqi people.

Al-Kafeel Center for Culture and International Media of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine launched "Karbala for All" Project, in conjunction with the peak of the Ziyarat Arba'een of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him).

The "Karbala for all" project, which was launched in cooperation with the Center for Information and Statistical Studies of the same department, is more like a mobile preaching and guiding service for the foreign visitor, through the deployment of tents and volunteer teams."

In a statement to the al-Kafeel Global Network, the director of the al-Kafeel center for culture and international media; Mr. Jassam al-Sa'idi said: "Nobody doubt about the importance of the religious tourism in Iraq and the number of the foreign visitors coming to visit its holy shrines, is increasing, especially that the situation in Iraq is more appropriate to re-establish Iraq's civilized status on the one hand, and religious, intellectual, cultural on the other. Thus, it is imperative that we market our destination not only locally but globally, starting with the cultural and media speech methods to the type of service needed by foreigners."

Adding: "This time, we have relied on specialized quality volunteers’ teams, starting by the proficiency of their members in more than one language, up to distribution of brochures and pamphlets that help the foreign visitor during his Ziyarat. Therefore, we have deployed our mobile teams and their tents on the roads leading to Karbala, after putting signs on them in many languages to help the foreign visitor to reach Karbala."

For his part, the coordinator and responsible for the distribution of brochures; Mr. Mortadha Ala' Abd al-Redha, one of the member of the al-Kafeel Center for Information and Statistical Studies, stated that: "Our brochures dedicated for the foreign visitors ran out very quickly, which reveals the large number of foreign visitors to Iraq, as well as their need for intellectual and cultural environment that makes it easier for them to perform the Ziyarat, including the need for a foreign visitor's guide, starting with signposts dedicated for the foreigners, up to the large manual, which was printed in form of large posters distributed on the roads leading to Karbala, and most recently a paper guide."

The lawyer Haidar Mohamad Salman, a volunteer for the fifth year in a row, said: "The Iraqi people have a high sense of humanity and are characterized by their generosity and hospitality, in addition that Iraq is the land of the shrines of the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), all urge us to be at the service of the foreign visitor in the best way, and as the Hussayni processions provide various services to the visitors from food and accommodation... We, as volunteers for the al-Kafeel Center of Culture and International Media, we provide cultural and intellectual services and all that is needed by the foreign visitor from logistics, especially the need for the visitor's guide and the text of the Ziyarat Arba'een and some foreign publications."

On the other hand, the latest results of a questionnaire prepared by the Center for Information and Statistical Studies revealed a consensus of praising the Iraqis' generosity and expressions such as "We are impressed by the generosity and nobility of the Iraqi people."
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