O lover of al-Hussayn, when you arrive to Karbala for the Ziyarat of the Master of martyrs (peace be upon him), remember:

This land is where the grandson of the Holy Prophet, his children and companions (peace be upon them) were killed, the land on which the purest blood were shed, and in which the best of women were taken as captives.

So, renew the sadness in our heart, and enter this land with sorrowful heart and teary eyes.

Remind your heart the sanctity and holiness of this land, and that it has healing soil, and the supplication is answered. A land that Allah the Almighty made the best of lands the paradise on earth. So come to it with respect and reverence.

Imagine that al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) was standing here, and his companions came to him to ask for his permission so they can start the fight saying:

Peace be upon you O Aba Abdillah! So they give them the permission, until he remained alone in the field and until he presented himself as the most precious sacrifice for the sake of Islam. Thus, repeat with your heart and tongue: If only I was with you so that I could win with you.
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