A procession from 25 nationalities arrives to the procession of the two holy shrines on the road of "Ya Hussayn".

The procession of the two holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them) has received the procession of the International Institution "Al-Hussayn, the International Love", which has a procession on the road of "Ya Hussayn" from 25 different nationalities from Latin America, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Britain, Russia and others.

The procession was welcomed by Sayed Ahmad al-Ashkoori, the general supervisor of the Hawza preaching. At the beginning of his speech with them, he conveyed the regards of the supreme religious authority Sayed al-Sistani, and explained to them that the march of Arba'een is a march of humanitarian integration at all levels, as it is a unique march because it is a spontaneous organization devoid of any government support, and the people themselves organise all its joints in a sign of self-sufficiency."

He added: "It is a march devoid of any personal or political motives, as its principal motivation is the allegiance to Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) in all its humanitarian meanings, in addition to this, this march carries a pure spiritual, intellectual, emotional and sentimental asset that is not matched by any sense in any area."

Stressing: "It is an unparalleled march that is characterized by many advantages, such as the large number of participants, and the world's intellectuals and media professionals must convey a transparent and unambiguous picture of this march."

Then he said to the attendees: "It is your responsibility to convey the truth to the world, through your various channels, because today you have entered the heart of this march and you have seen the embodiment of humanity in its most beautiful form. It is a human responsibility before being a professional responsibility."

Sayed al-Ashkouri concluded his word saying: "Every one of you today is an ambassador of this march and has to convey the picture with all honesty and precision."

At the end of this meeting, some modest gifts was given to the audience, many of whom expressed their great pleasure for this meeting, which opened the hidden files to them, or the wrong information given by the loss of objectivity of the media."

Marzieh Hashemi (born Melanie Franklin), a US media reporter, said: "I am a US journalist. I have come to see on the ground this great march and the abundance of its humanitarian and spiritual aspects."

And Anbark Mohamd, an American artist has added: "We want to be part of this experience to know its facts, as the Imam al-Hussayn's values call for justice and peace, and we must use them to confront the evil line that still exists."
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