The Department of Service Affairs provides thousands of blankets per day to the visitors.

The last days of the Arba'een were characterized by a decrease of temperatures especially at night time, which urged the Department of Service Affairs within its service plan of the visitors of Arba'een to open centers for the distribution of blankets, after being equipped by thousands of blankets. These centers were opened close to the accommodation place of the visitors and the areas with high momentum.

These centers are opened daily from 9 pm and continue all night. This service has been able to alleviate the burdens of the visitors especially the children and the elderly, as some of these blankets were used as mattresses. Receiving and delivering these blankets were conducted according to a very easy mechanism.

It is to note that the service department of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is one of the department of the holy shrine in direct contact with the visitor and seeks with all its potential to provide the maximum service to visitors, either those entering the holy shrine or in the external service sites or for the organization of the movement of the visitors, it has called 2000 volunteers to walk side by side with the staff of the department.
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