More than 250 local and international media agencies and organizations contributed to the transfer of the Ziyarat Arba'een.

The Deputy Head of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Sayed 'Aqeel Abd al-Hussayn and al-Yassiri has announced: "The Ziyarat Arba'een of this year has attracted extensive media coverage from inside and outside Iraq, most of which began since the arrival of the first visitors to the holy city of Karbala, and they were able to transfer this ritual. The number of the media agencies and organizations has reached more than 250 local and international media agencies and organizations, which is a higher number than last year, indicating that the media work to cover the Hussayni condolence activities is increasing in terms of quantity and type."

Adding: "A large group of local and international photographers have also participated in the documentation and transfer of this Ziyarat, as their number was more than ten thousands photographers, mostly affiliated to media institutions and websites."

Indicating: "In order to contribute to the transmission of the echoes of this Ziyarat to the farthest point of the globe, invitations from the holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and of al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them) were sent to more than 200 influential media figures, in addition to the media that have accompanied the Iraqi, Arab and foreign service and condolence processions, and also contributed to highlight this Ziyarat."

Sayed al-Yassiri continued: "Through the al-Kafeel Center for Artistic Production of our department, we have provided a free frequency for satellite broadcast to transfer the events and rituals of the Ziyarat Arba'een according to the excellent technical specifications that allows any satellite channel to receive the frequency. The broadcast included the coverage of the holy shrines of Aba Abdillah al-Hussayn and his brother Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them) from more than one side and the area between the two holy shrines, in addition to keeping pace with the movement of visitors from the farthest point in southern Iraq to Karbala."

He concluded: "In order to organize the media work for the Ziyarat Arba'een in a way that ensures the transfer of the true picture of this blessed Ziyarat, without any intersections between the media channels, the department followed a special action plan in this area, including receiving a request from the media body that wants this coverage and including it in a special record then it is provided by an identification badge, models of which were distributed to the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and the area between the two holy shrines so that they can work on it, within the frameworks and methods agreed upon."
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