In cooperation with the European Academy: The al-Kafeel Academy of the military rescue holds a specialized course to protect the personalities.

The al-Kafeel Academy of the military training and rescue of the Secretariat General of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, held a specialized training course for the protection of personalities, with the participation of 15 trainees from the Department of Conservation and the Department of the holy shrines, who were selected from the previous courses held by the Academy to develop their skills and abilities in this field.

The course was given by trainers from the European Academy following a global curriculum designed for high-risk environments such as Mexico and South American in addition to Iraq, and lasted for nine days (7 to 8 hours per days).

Al-Kafeel global Network met with one of the European trainer; Thomas Bill, who spoke about this course saying: "This program was designed and operated for some high risk countries with some differences related to the laws of each country, and it is special for the countries suffering from the problems of protection of figures or even general people. And it is a very intensive program."

Adding: "The essence, foundation and concepts of the program are the same as those applied in the European Academy, and have been applied in Iraq, taking into account the country's available resources and the circumstances of the course. It is good to note that the trainees has a good commitment to the course and its aspects, which helped us to rush and reduce the duration of the program to nine days, thanks to their high absorptive capacity."

Mr. Thomas Bill has also indicated that: "The program is divided into three parts; the first is the theoretical, the second is the dry training, which is about how to protect the official and entering him to the car, and the third part is the practical part of the course, and after that the trainee can apply the three parts as one task, as it is the case now in the course."

Adding: "There is also a fourth stage, which is related to emergency rescue or military rescue or emergency medical assistance, which is a very important stage and an integral part of the tasks of the trainee in this course."
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