As part of its development plan, al-Kafeel Digital Printing Center renews its production lines with advanced printing equipment.

Al-Kafeel Center for Digital Printing and Advertising Industry of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has renewed its production lines with modern printing machine and equipment. This comes as part of its development plan aimed at introducing the latest technologies of digital media from printing devices and equipment to achieve industrial integration i the field of Design, publicity, and advertising campaigns and work to blend the professionalism of its staff with the creativity of modern technology, which would raise the production capacity to the maximum with modern touches away from the old methods.

The head of the al-Kafeel Center for Digital Printing and Advertising Industry; Mr. Mohamad Al-Tajer explained to al-Kafeel Network the following: "Digitalization including digital advertising, is consistently evolving and accelerating. Thus in order to keep pace with this development, we have updated our production lines with a range of equipment and devices with production lines that answer the work's need whether of the al-Abbas's (P) holy shrine or of the private sector without the need to import it from abroad. Among these equipment:

First: Laser Engraving machine, which is the first machine to enter Iraq and used for cutting, engraving, embossing and decorating in various measurements, and works on all materials and plastics used in the advertising industry, gifts and trademarks with high accuracy.

Second: A group of machines and equipment for drilling using optical fiber technology. This group was manufactured at the request of the Center. It consists of three machines connected to each other to produce an integrated production line. It is one of the latest machines used in this field and works to generate large fiber optic, and it is characterized by high speed of production and accuracy on all metals with all measurement starting from 2 mm up to large measurements.

Third: A device for manufacturing invitation cards with different measurements, sizes and designs, which were previously imported. It works on all paper materials, with the possibility of making adhesives using Hologram technology, which is a 3D photographic technique, which has not previously existed in local presses.

Fourth: The manufacturing machine of digital three-dimensional ads, which is also a modern and sophisticated machine that makes the customer forget the use of traditional and classic methods in the current advertising industry, and that is characterized by accuracy and speed on most of the plastics and metals, including stainless steel.

Fifth: DJI flex printer, a modern printer produced in 2017, which has the capacity to produce more than 150 meters per hour and is characterized by high accuracy, clarity and stability of the color. It is used for internal and external advertising on more than 25 types of printing materials such as banners, wallpapers, leather, curtains..."

Mr. Al-Tajer indicated that: " All these printing devices and equipment is part of our plan in line with our pursuit of continuous development to meet the needs of our ever-growing customers by adding new production units, adopting the method of continuous development and modernization, and securing all financial and human resources.

He concluded by saying that Center can meet the needs of public and private sectors inside and outside Karbala, by reviewing its headquarters and marketing management located in the province of Karbala, Hay al-Hussayn (peace be upon him)/ public street. Or to call one of the following numbers: (07602322220) - (07602324000) - (07702666550).
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