The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad Units go deep into the desert to pursue the remnants of ISIL and reach the Tusin border post.

The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad Units go deep into the desert towards the border with Syria to fortify it and close the last gasp in it and to chase the remnant rats of ISIL and to reach the first liberating units that arrived to Tusin border post.

In the first phase of its participation in the last phase of the battle of Jazeera Kubra within the operations of "The Messenger of Allah the Seal of the Prophets" to liberate the Far West Jazeera -western Hadhar District, with the aim of liberating the desert of Jazeera linking Mosul and Anbar to the border with Syria, which started on Friday morning. The fighters of the squad were able during the duty assigned to them to cleanse vast areas.

It is to note that the duty assigned to the Squad by the popular mobilization operations is to liberate and clean up the last border strip connecting the two countries (Iraq - Syria) and to close these borders and declare the borders of Iraq as a red line that no terrorist or mercenary will be allowed to override. And armored brigade and two battalions (general support and missile) and the elite brigade in addition to the other combat units have participated in this battle.
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