The Supreme Religious Authority talking to the Iraqi people: The world is amazed before your steadfastness, patience and courage.

The last sermon of Friday prayers included a number of messages, each of which can be counted as a gem and words that summarize the history of a nation.
The supreme religious authority has harnessed all its capabilities and energies since the launch of the first spark of the Fatwa of the sufficient duty for Jihad, in order to support the fighters and provide the aid to them, and sent the best of its teachers and students of the Scientific Hawza to the fronts in support of the fighting forces and presented dozens of them martyrs in this path, which led the fighters of the security forces of all types, to follow their steps, after they increased their patience and determination, and made them write the history of modern Iraq with letters of honor and dignity, as it was stated by the supreme religious authority in last Friday sermon "Victory's sermon", addressing the Iraqi people:
"After more than three years of fierce fighting, great efforts, and confronting the various difficulties and challenges, you have won the most powerful terrorist force that has targeted Iraq. You have won against it with your firm will and steadfast determination to preserve your homeland, your dignity and your holy places. You won by your great sacrifices as you offered your souls, your children and all that you own as a redemption for the dear homeland, and you have drawn the finest images of heroism and altruism and you have written the history of modern Iraq with letters of honor and dignity, and the world is amazed before your steadfastness, patience, courage and faith in the justice of your case until we achieved this great victory, which many though was out of reach, but you made it a tangible reality in a relatively short period. And so you preserved the dignity and honor of the country and maintained its unity of land and people. What a great people you are!"
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