In the sermon of victory: The Supreme Religious Authority thanked the support of the Iraqi citizens to the fighters.

The supreme religious authority did not miss during the sermon of victory delivered last Friday prayer, by its representative Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbala'i, to highlight the great and effective role played by the Iraqis during the great liberation epic to liberate the land from the terrorist ISIL gangs, which was fought by the security forces and the popular mobilization.

It praised the prominent and important role played by the elite segments of the Iraqi society, in achieving the great victory achieved by the heroes of our armed forces and those who support them who responded to the appeal of the supreme religious authority that issued the Fatwa of the sufficient duty for the defense, stating:

“We recall with greatness and gratitude the honorable citizens who contributed to the support of the fighters on the fronts with all that enhance their steadfastness, and they were the best supporter and backer for them, in one of the finest images of the cohesion of a people with all its segments and components in defense of its dignity and honor.

And we recall with thanks and appreciation all those who had the active and supportive role in this great epic from the intellectuals, thinkers, doctors, poets, writers, media and others. And we also present our thanks and appreciation to all the brothers and friends who stood with Iraq and its people in their ordeal with ISIL terrorism and supported it and gave it help and assistance, asking the Almighty God to push away from all the evil and to bless them with security and peace.”
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