Sayed al-Ashigar visited al-Joud Company for Modern Agricultural Technology.

The Secretary-General of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Engineer Mohamad al-Ashigar affirmed that, as victory was achieved, the land was liberated from the terrorist ISIL gangs and this scourge was eradicated thanked to the efforts of the security forces and the popular mobilization, we will eliminate the agricultural pests that damaged agricultural crops, thanks to the products of the al-Joud company for modern agriculture technology from the manufacture of detergents and disinfectants of effective products that will contribute to the eradication of agricultural pests, and we will support the company to develop these products, which proved successful, gave positive results and contributed to the return of Iraq to its industrial status as it manufacture these products by Iraqi hands and expertise.

This came during his visit to the headquarters of the company and its affiliated factories located in the holy province of Karbala. adding: "We visited al-Joud company for modern agriculture technology and the manufacture of detergents and sterilizers that is witnessing remarkable progress in horizontal and vertical fields, the horizontal is diversified products and this diversity continues to introduce new products and varieties that meet the need of the consumer, and the vertical is the quality of these products and their relevance to the Iraqi reality whether the agricultural and industrial field, which is witnessing continuous mobility in order to keep pace with global development and international quality in this area."

Sayed. al-Ashigar: "We are proud that all these products are manufactured by Iraqi experts, and the officials and employees of this company are working in a scientific and professional manner, in harmony with the global development in terms of the product and the benefit of international expertise, which makes us happy as these matters concern the construction of the country especially when it is in direct contact with the food and health of the Iraqi citizen and the country is in dire need of those things, as a national duty and the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine will remain supportive of such industries and will try to sustain them."

Sayed al-Ashigar was welcomed by the company's managing director, Mr. Maitham Al-Bahadli, who gave him a detailed explanation of the company's plants, production lines and future plans.

In conclusion, the Secretary-General of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine praised the efforts of the workers in this company, urging them to do more to serve Iraq and to preserve the agricultural wealth.
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