The Supreme Religious Authority stated in the sermon of victory: The need for those who supported the security forces still exist and it is necessary to benefit from these energies, especially young people.

The Supreme Religious Authority urged in the last sermon of victory, the concerned authorities to use the potential of young people who have done good deeds in defending the land and sanctities over the past years, and proved that they are the people of this mission after they were the supreme example in the discipline, courage and national and ideological impulse, in sign to those who answered the appeal of the supreme religious authority in the fatwa of the sufficient duty for the defense.

It pointed out that the Iraqi security system still needs those heroes who have shown an honoring position while participating in the liberation battles and their support to the various security bodies, overcoming the harsh conditions and the rough areas.

The issue of self-affirmation requires an integrated consciousness and a belief in intellectual and ideological belonging, since the ferocity of the battle requires a vibrant spirit and a principle rooted in the womb of the idea that emanated from it. This was confirmed by the supreme religious authority last Friday in the sermon of victory and stressed the urgent need to support the ranks of the security system, stressing that it should be done within the constitutional and legal frameworks, stating:

“The Iraqi security system is still in dire need of many of the heroic men who supported the army and the federal police during the past years and who fought with them on various fronts and did well in the most rugged areas and the most harsh conditions and proved that they are the people of the hostile encounter to defend the land, the honor and the sanctities, and they have achieved amazing results that surprised everyone internally and internationally, especially the young people who participated in various military and intelligence operations and gained important combat and technical expertise, and were an example of discipline, courage and national and ideological impulse without being affected by any weakness or dropping behind or resignation.

It is necessary to benefit from these important energies within the constitutional and legal frameworks that make the arms limited to the state and draw the right track for the role of these heroes in participating in the preservation of the country and enhance its security in the present and in the future, and to stand against any new attempts of terrorists for the purpose of the destruction of Iraq, its people and sanctities.”
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