The supreme religious authority stated in the sermon of victory: Those who responded to the Fatwa of the sufficient duty for defense did not covet money or position, and that fighting corruption is no less than fighting terrorism.

The supreme religious authority confirmed in the sermon of victory on last Friday, on the interest of those who participated and responded to the Fatwa of the sufficient duty for defense, and to not exploit their good intentions and the lofty status they enjoyed for political purposes that ultimately lead to the violation of these holy intentions.

The Supreme religious authority has also confirmed in the final part of the sermon that the honorable Iraqis are able, with the help of God, to fight the battle of corruption and triumph in it, if they manage it professionally, which is a sign that the coming phases must be based on the combating financial and administrative corruption through the application of the constitutions and activating legal frameworks. Stating:

“Most of those who participated in the sufficient duty for the defense during the past few years, did not participate for the sake of any worldly rewards or positions, but they rushed to the front lines in response to the appeal of the religious authority and to perform a religious and national duty, urged to it by their love of Iraq and Iraqis and their pride to protect the Iraqi ladies' honor from being violated by the ISIL hands, and their keenness to preserve the sanctities from the harm of the terrorists. Thus, their intentions were devoid of any worldly gains, and hence they received great respect in the hearts of everyone and have a lofty position in various circles of the people that is not achieved by any political or party status. And it is necessary to preserve this lofty position and good reputation and to not attempt to exploit them for the realization of political goals, which leads in the end to what happened to the other respected titles as a result of the mistakes and sins committed by those who claim to have them.

The movement in a serious and effective way to confront corruption and spoilers is one of the priorities of the next phase, and it is necessary to combat firmly and forcefully the financial and administrative corruption through the activation of the legal frameworks and practical and realistic plans away from ceremonial and spectacular procedures. The battle against corruption - long-delayed - is no less fierce than the battle against terrorism, if not more severe, and the honorable Iraqis who have been brave in the battle of terrorism are able, with the help of Allah, to fight the battle of corruption and triumph in it if they manage it well professionally and resolutely.”
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