Al-Joud Company for Modern Agriculture Technology produces Neutra Sol 335 that gave the best treatments for soil salinity problems.

The majority of the agricultural land in Iraq suffers from the problem of salinity, which has negatively affected the cultivation of various agricultural crops, which has led to the decline and low production, because of the use of traditional and old methods to reduce the salinity of the soil relying on the poles, which recently witnessed a significant decline as a result of urban expansion of the cities over agricultural areas.

The workers of Al-Joud Company for Modern Agriculture Technology, which is affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, in order to solve this problem and to find scientific and practical solutions, have produced the soil salinity processor (Neutra-Sol 355) that improves the quality of the soil for the cultivation of agricultural crops and using the best and modern agricultural techniques. It has proved its success since its launch in the Iraqi market, and became of high demand as a result of its good results on the ground.

According to the director of the company, Eng. Maitham al-Bahadli, the product was made with Iraqi expertise and competencies, and has been subjected to several laboratory tests and proved successful, and is one of the best treatments for the problems of soil salinity in sprinkler irrigation systems or networks of drip and which lack of salt water treatment. It is able to:

1- Improve soil properties by providing free calcium to the plant.

2- Neutralize and clean the soil of the elements of sodium and chlorine on the plants by reducing the penetration of the two elements within the root, which inhibits the plants from performing their vital functions.

3- Reduce the ability of plants to absorb important nutrients from the soil as well as reduce the negative impact by reducing the pressure on the roots of the plant.

4- Prevent the formation of toxic ions in soil.

5- Increase the activity of plants in a distinctive way.

As for how this product works, Al-Bahadli added:

First: It breaks the bond of the sodium element with the soil and replaces it with the calcium instead, making it easier to remove the sodium element into the lower layers of soil.

Second: It works to release the element of chlorine, which becomes free and can be washed or neutralized easily.

Third: It increases the ability of plants to resist the osmotic pressure due to water and salt soil and reduce the plasmolytic phenomenon.

As for its rates of use, he explained: "10 liters / ha in irrigation surface systems, 5 liters / ha in sprinkler irrigation systems, 1 liter / 500 square meters in the plastic house and 2.5 liters / dunum of drip irrigation systems for open fields, which are also positive characteristics of the product and serve the owners of large spaces.

The product can be found at the direct sales outlets of the company in the province of Karbala and outside and to inquire by calling (078030102245).
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