The al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital has record filled with success since its opening, including hundreds of cases that were sponsored by the hospital management.

More than two years since the opening of the Al-Kafeel Specialist hospital, during which it achieved many achievements, and made a quick way to provide medical and treatment services in Iraq at a high level, and was able to provide these services for different age groups and various specialties, without overlooking the humanitarian situations, especially the wounded of the security forces and the popular mobilization and their families and the families of martyrs.

Dr. Haidar al-Bahadli, director-General of the hospital, said: "The challenges and difficulties facing the hospital work during the past period are many, but our determination to continue to reach this studied achievement under the patronage and parental support of the officials at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine. We were able to overcome every difficulty and all challenges, and we have provided to the Iraqi citizen services that match those offered in hospitals in other countries."

He added that "the methodology of the work of the hospital management is to bring senior doctors in various specialities from several Arab and foreign countries to provide high-quality medical services and achieve our original goal is to dispense the Iraqi citizen from travelling for treatment outside the country, and we gave the opportunity for Iraqi medical staff that proved its expertise in this area, As well as bringing Iraqi doctors expatriates. "

Al-Bahadli said that "more than (35) thousand patients have been received since the beginning of the work until last month, and more than (25053) operations in various medical specialties were conducted. The Iraqi doctors performed seventy-five percent of these operations, while the rest of operations that did not exceed twenty-five percent of the total number of operations, including rare operations that are considered a quantum leap in the field of medicine in Iraq. "

Al-Bahadli added that more than 7,750 major operations and 4,000 operations were carried out in addition to 4100 micro-operations, as well as 3241 children born in the birth department. In infertility and IVF section, 367 births in vitro fertilisation were performed".

For inquiries and to see the services provided by the hospital, you may visit the website of the hospital : or to call on the following numbers: 07602344444 or 07602329999.
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