The product (Golden Ears) of Al-Joud Company for modern agriculture technology is the best solution to achieve the best growth of field crops and the abundance of their production.

Within the series of Fertilizer products of the Plant in Al-Joud Company for Modern Agriculture Technology, which is part of the institutions of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; the Golden Ears product, which is produced in the liquid fertilizer production line in the plant in various formations and packages of different sizes according to the farmer's need.

This product is considered to be one of the most efficient and advanced fertilizers with tangible results through the quality of the crop, and its positive results have been observed in recent years through the opinions of farmers who are consumers of this product in addition to its results that meet the international specifications in terms of modern fertilizer, as It's not poisonous.

Liquid "golden ears" is specially designed to achieve the best growth of field crops effectively and distinctly, and are key to solve many of the problems in the growth and development of plantations, as characterized by:

1 - Easy absorption by plants.

2 - Make field crops, especially wheat, more tolerable to the harsh conditions of high and low temperatures and poor irrigation water and salinity of the soil.

3 - Have a significant role in the increase of the quality and quantity of production.

4 - Have a significant role in the revitalization and regeneration of plant tissues and rid plants of side effects resulting from the use of pesticides.

The golden ears liquid contain a combination of organic stimulants, marine algae, organic amino acids, as well as secondary dietary supplements and micro and macro nutrients that are used by all plants.

As for the method of use, (5) liters of it is sufficient for (4) acres of field crops such as wheat and barley, etc., and is given either with pesticides or modern spray systems or through traditional watering.

The product is sold at the direct sales outlets of the company in the province of Karbala and outside, and for inquiries please call the following number (07801930125) or (07801035422) or visit the Center of Direct sales of the company located face to the column 1145 on the road Karbala-Najaf.
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