With the participation and attendance of more than 200 Iraqi and foreign doctors: the launch of the al-Kafeel global conference of orthopedic surgery, fractures and spine.

The first al-Kafeel global conference of orthopedic surgery, fractures and spine held by the al-Kafeel European Center for operation of complex fractures and vertebrae in al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, was launched on Friday morning the 24th of Rabi' Thani 1439 AH corresponding to the January 12, 2018 in the hall of the al-Baron hotel in the province of Karbala, with a large participation of doctors specialized in this field from inside and outside Iraq and in the presence of the Secretary-General of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Eng. Mohamad al-Ashigar and representatives of the Health Ministry and its departments in the provinces.

The conference curriculum included a speech of the al-Kafeel specialist hospital delivered by Dr. Mohamad Aziz Assistant Director of the hospital, in which he presented thanks to those who responded to the invitation to attend and participate in this conference, and he also reviewed the most important activities and events carried out by the hospital, either at the medical or therapeutic levels or at the level of its operations in various disciplines and specialities.

There was also a word of the local government in the province of Karbala, delivered by the head of the council; Mr. Jassem al-Khattabi in which he stated: "The services provided by the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital have become at the level of services in the global hospitals, and all those who wish to heal come to it. And today, when we meet at this conference with international participation, it is an evidence of its success to be an important scientific station."

The conference also included a speech of the Ministry of Health, delivered by Dr. Faiz Kadhem, in which he said: "This conference is complementary to scientific conferences held in Iraq. This is a proof of the importance of scientific research which is credited with transferring modern medical developments to our institutions. And we hope that the culture of scientific research is felt in our daily work according to the protocols of health therapeutic changing according to data derived from the research of these conferences, and to restore the confidence of Iraqi citizens in our health institutions.

Dr. Jawad Ibrahim from the Arab Council for Medical Specializations had also delivered a word in which he expressed his happiness to establish this important scientific and research forum which is established by the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital in Karbala province. Hoping that this conference will achieve its aspired objectives. Adding that this conference will be a seed for other scientific conferences in other specializations.

Dr. Osama Abdel-Hassan from the European al-Kafeel Center said to al-Kafeel network "This conference is the first international conferences held by the Center, and is the nucleus of other international conferences. This conference aims to:

- Introducing the achievements of the al-Kafeel European Center and its provision of medical and treatment services, in addition to the operations that were previously conducted outside Iraq.

- Contribute to finding solutions to outstanding problems in orthopedic surgery and fractures and the findings of medical research in this surgery.

- Review the latest developments in the field of orthopedic surgery, and see the latest technology used in it.

- Delivering a message that the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine pays great attention to the health aspect in the country and works to develop it so as to relieve the burden of the Iraqi citizen.

- Inviting expatriate Iraqi doctors abroad to work in this center.

- Exchange of local and international expertise in the field of orthopedic surgery.

- Enhancing opportunities for interaction and communication between physicians from inside and outside Iraq through scientific research thesis.

It is to note that the participants in the conference were 11 personalities from outside Iraq, the number of participants from the inside exceeded 200 participants, presenting 7 medical research in two sessions that were all focused on the subject of orthopedic surgery, joints and spinal surgery. The conference also included holding a workshop and exhibition of medicines, treatments and medical devices used in this surgery.
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