More than one billion dinars is the amount of support of the Religious Affairs Department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for the fighters, volunteers, their martyrs and wounded of the security forces in 2017.

The Department of Religious Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced that what has been offered through the Committee of Guidance and moral and logistic support in the last year 2017 of funds for fighters, volunteers, their families and their wounded of the security forces amounted to 1.410.744.000; one billion and four hundred and ten million seven hundred and forty-four thousand dinars, which was in the form of material or logistical assistance.

All these funds were from the al-Kafeel support funds, which are supervised by a special committee of the mentioned department in terms of preparation, organization, deployment and screening of these funds within an integrated support program and in accordance with a plan initiated since the declaration of the advisory opinion on defending Iraq and its sanctities.

2017 was the year in which all the territory of Iraq was liberated from the clutches of the terrorist ISIL gangs, was supplementing the years before since the inception of the fatwa of defence, and the provided assistance according to the statistics of the Department of Religious Affairs were as follows:

  • 1- Support the security forces and the popular mobilization, materially and morally in the battlefields and fronts against terrorist gangs, for a total amount of 1.046.744.000 Iraqi dinars, which is part of the logistic support to them, including providing the fighters with military clothes as well as other clothes, rain clothes, dry and fresh varied food, meat, water and ice, as well as medicine, medical and therapeutic supplies, phone top up credits, cigarettes and perfumes, and opening of a furnace to bake "Sammoon" [Iraqi bread] and a plant for ice, and other aids that cannot be mentioned.
  • 2- Providing support to the martyrs’ families and there were 454 martyrs’ families that benefited from a total amount of 313.000.000 Iraqi dinars. The gift is given to the families of the martyr directly upon visiting them, or through the establishment of gatherings to honor the martyrs' memory inside or outside the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.
  • 3- Honoring the wounded of the security forces and the popular mobilization, whether in their homes or in the hospitals, and providing them with material and moral support. The total number of beneficiary wounded was 102 wounded receiving 51 million Iraqi dinars from different governorates. According to a plan and lists prepared by the department.

It is noteworthy that the purpose of this program is to support the forces of volunteers who responded to the call of the supreme religious authority to defend Iraq and its sanctities, and pursuant to the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority, which urged on the support of the security forces and popular mobilization as they wage a fierce war with the enemies of God and humanity, which requires additional efforts to sustain the momentum of the battle against this aggression, especially that large number of the fighters of the popular mobilization suffer them from lack of material resources.
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