Ambassadors of the martyrdom Spring Festival continue to make invitations to participate in it.

The ambassadors of the 14th edition of the World Cultural Festival of Martyrdom's Spring, which is composed of the delegation of the two holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and of al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), continue to direct invitations to attend and participate in the festival activities, which will kick off at the beginning of the month of Sha'baan under the slogan "By al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) we make revolution and by the fatwa we are victorious."

At the end of the delegation's tour in the Republic of Lebanon, the visiting delegation met with Sheikh Qablan al-Qablan, one of the leading scientific figures in Lebanon. After welcoming the delegation, he listened to a summary of the objectives of this festival and what was achieved during its previous sessions, calling at the same time for the continuation of this festival because it is of great importance.

The delegation then went to the University of Knowledge and had a meeting with its president and the deans of its faculties and briefed them on the research competition and its conditions which is part of the Martyrdom Spring Festival in order to distribute it to those wishing to participate in it. The university presidency expressed its thanks and gratitude for this invitation, stressing that it will have an effective participation in it. And this meeting was the last that the delegation had in the Republic of Lebanon.

After leaving to the Syrian Arab Republic, the delegation went to perform the Ziyarat of the Shrine of Lady Zaynab and Lady Ruqayya (peace be upon both of them). There was a meeting with the President of Mustafa International University, where an invitation was given to all those who want to participate in the research competition. The delegation also held several meetings with scientific figures who expressed their desire to participate and attend the festival activities.

After the Republic of Syria, the ambassadors of the festival travelled to the Republic of Iran, specifically to the holy city of Qom, where it had a meeting with His Eminence Sayed Riyad Al-Hakim, the son of Grand religious authority Sayed Muhammad Saeed Al-Tabatabai al-Hakim. Then met with Sheikh Fadheel al-Jaza'iri, during these two meetings, individual invitations were given to attend the festival and participate in its activities.

It is to note that the competition and the research sessions are one of the most important activities of the Martyrdom's Spring Festival, and the Preparatory Committee has developed the axes and conditions of participation that can be viewed in the following link:
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