Naqa detergent powders take Iraqi consumer confidence and surpass other products in the local markets.

The local Iraqi market is crowded with a variety of detergent products whether imported or locally made ones. This made the selection of the product difficult for the Iraqi citizen who began to keep pace with the development of cleaning equipment from washing machines, whether regular or automatic, which led the al-Joud company to modern agriculture technology and detergent to enter this industrial movement, which was able to produce an efficient product with high quality material according to the formulations that gave positive results, making this product, which was labeled "Naqa detergent powder" gain the trust of the Iraqi consumer, whether the detergent for automatic and regular washing machines, as well as manual use and cleaning of the floors, in a way that achieves the required cleanliness in a practical, simple, nice and effective way, as the powder for automatic washing machines was reinforced with enzymes to maintain them on the one hand and characterized by the efficiency of cleaning, but in the washing machines or other normal uses, the detergents do not need this enzyme booster.

The product has many specifications, including:

1 - High and effective power in cleaning by maintaining the quality of Iraqi standards.

2 - The powder is effective in cleaning and removal of dirt, dust and stains on clothes.

3 - The powder has homogeneous granules that do not conglomerate, and a few foam for automatic washing machines and high foam for normal washing machines and other normal uses.

  1. It maintains color stability and adds aromatic smell.

5- It is suitable for all fabrics materials.

6- It has the ability to wet and penetrate the fabric.

7 - The product has multiple uses for cleaning in washing machines or manual washing in addition to floors, tiles and ceramics and gives the same efficiency.

8 - It does not cause any damage to the hands of consumers for manual cleaning powders and preferably use with gloves.

9 - Easy rinsing and leaves no harmful effects after rinsing.

10 - It is compatible with automatic or regular washing machines each according to its use and installation, in order to preserve the specificity of each washing machine and its suitability for the product.

  1. It is reinforced with five enzymes, which increases its cleaning efficiency for automatic washing machines, thus maintaining its electrical circuitry and gives high efficiency in cleaning.
  2. The product has no environmental effects and is manufactured and tested according to the Iraqi standardization and quality control system, and proved to be a laboratory and practical success.

13 – The stability in the product and the price is appropriate compared to what exists in the market.

14 - The product is manufactured in two types, the first type: automatic washing machine, the second: the regular, the two types can be used manually, and is currently offered in plastic bags weighing 2.5 kg.

The product is for sale at the direct sales outlets of the company inside and outside the province of Karbala, and to inquire contact the following numbers: (07801930125) or (07801035422) or visit the direct marketing center of the company on the road of Karbala Najaf in front of pillar (1145).
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