The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine participates with more than 300 books' titles in various languages in the International Religious Book Fair.

The local and international exhibitions are one of the most important cultural windows through which the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine overlook on its outer perimeter. As it participated in the fifth international fair of religious books and the thirteenth exhibition of the book fair in the holy city of Qom through a pavilion that included a variety of religious, jurisprudential, academic and educational titles and scientific journals that are interested in scientific and academic research, with a purposeful and constructive approach that addresses all classes and categories and imitates them in easy and simple language, far from the complexity, making it an important attractive factor for the visitors of the fair.
Participation in this fair comes within the series of international participations and characterized, like the rest of the previous participations, by the fact that the publications of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine are specific and exclusive versions of more than (300) titles in various languages that are not found in any other publishing house, starting by the authoring, investigating and directing to print, and this feature distinguishes most of its international and local participations, including this participation.
It is to note that the International Religious Book Fair that is held for the fifth year in a row, coincided this year with the opening of the 13th Book Fair in the city. Both fairs will last for ten days from 15 to 25 February, while the number of publishing houses participating in the fairs are (376) Publishing houses coming from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, as well as Iran, displaying more than (80) thousand titles for different books, including what was presented for the first time.
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