The Engineering effort team of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad cleans up vast areas of war debris and mines in the province of Basra.

As part of the Greater Loyalty Campaign launched by the Fighting Squad of al-Abbas (peace be upon him), its engineering effort team cleared vast areas and strategic roads in the province of Basra of the war debris and mines that have plagued this governorate for decades. It has taken the lives of many residents in these areas and hundreds of wounded.

The removal of these war waste was through the use of modern mechanisms, including the giant (scanjack), which is a modern and specialized equipment in this area. The first station was on the road to the port Shalamgeh border in the Shatt al-Arab district and adjacent areas, which includes large areas of war debris.

The campaign was carried out by the squad with the blessing of the supreme religious authority and by its agent, Sayed. Ahmad al-Safi. The campaign included in addition to the removal of mines, other projects that were not limited to the governorate of Basra, but there was another campaign in the governorate of Salahuddin according to an already prepared time and space schedule. The squad has harnessed all its capabilities for the sustainability and continuation of this campaign.
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